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Certified dealers


Distributeurs certifiés

TEF (open) products are only available through designated, independent dealers.

TEF does not take on installation and maintenance projects and never competes with its dealers.

TEF dealers are fire alarm companies with a guaranteed level of education and a lot of experience in the business. They are trained to let TEF systems function optimally and are the contact point for the (end)user according to the standards of service as seen by TEF. As a customer of the TEF Dealer, you can expect competitive prices, short delivery times, craftsmanship and good service.

We distinguish two types of dealerships:

Value Added Distributor (VAD)

 A VAD takes care of the stock, delivery, commissioning and certification of TEF systems. The installation and connection can be carried out by the customer of the VAD.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

 A VAR takes care of the supply, installation, commissioning, certification and maintenance of TEF systems.

Are you interested in the products of TEF and are you looking for a TEF dealer? Or are you an approved fire alarm company and are you interested in a TEF dealership? Please feel free to contact us.

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